Scholarships/ BA/ MA / PHD/ Fellowships / Trainings and Conferences/ Jobs and Internships

Scholarships/ BA

Scholarships to study in Greece
Deadline: 31/3/2010
Open to: Students from 44 different countries
Fund: between EUR 500 and 550
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 02/12/scholarshi ps-to-study- in-greece/

Basileus: 88 Scholarships for BA, Master and PhD studies
Deadline: 12/03/2010
Open to: Students from EU and Balkans countries
Scholarship: full
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 02/01/basileus- 88-scholarships- for-ba-master- and-phd-studies/

Fontys University Scholarships
Deadline: 01/06/2010
Open to: students who want to study ICT or Engineering
Scholarships: partial
http://mladiinfo. com/2009/ 12/13/fontys- university- scholarships/

Scholarships/ MA

Postgraduate Scholarships, University of Edinburgh
Deadline: 26/02/2010
Open to: Masters, PhD Students
Scholarship: tuition fees, grants
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 01/26/postgradua te-scholarships- university- of-edinburgh/

MA scholarship: Heinrich Boll Foundation, Germany
Deadline: 01/03/2010
Open to: students who are enrolled at state-recognized institution of higher educationat German university
Fund: depends on income and personal assets
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 02/06/ma- scholarship- heinrich- boll-foundation- germany/

Basileus: 88 Scholarships for BA, Master and PhD studies
Deadline: 12/03/2010
Open to: Students from EU and Balkans countries
Scholarship: full
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 02/01/basileus- 88-scholarships- for-ba-master- and-phd-studies/

Erasmus Mundus Masters Program in Public Policy
Deadline: 16/03/2010
Open to: applicants from EU and EEA-EFTA states
Fund: ˆ 20 000 plus partial tuition fee waivers
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 01/29/erasmus- mundus-masters- program-in- public-policy/

MA Scholarships at Qatar Faculties of Islamic Studies
Deadline: 1/4/2010
Open to: Strong academic grade and Arabic and English skills
Fund: Full tuition, housing, health plan fee, travel costs and more
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 02/11/ma- scholarships- at-qatar- faculties- of-islamic- studies/

MA Scholarships Economics and Finance, Madrid
Deadline: 5/4/2010
Open to: students with an undergraduate university degree
Fund: EUR 3.600 per year and EUR 10,000 extra for excellent students
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 02/09/ma- scholarships- economics- and-finance- madrid/

Scholarships/ PhD

PhD in the field of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht
Deadline: 05/03/2010
Open to: applicants who completed a research master or an equivalent degree
Fund: full
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 02/11/phd- in-the-field- of-arts-and- social-sciences- maastricht/

PhD in Politics and International Studies, Belfast
Deadline: 12/03/2010
Open to: students interested in obtaining PhD degree
Fund: full
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 02/01/phd- in-politics- and-internationa l-studies- belfast/

PhD Scholarship in International Conflict, Sydney
Deadline: 31/03/2010
Open to: applicants with master’s qualifications in political science or related field
Fund: $25,000 per annum
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 02/10/phd- scholarship- in-international -conflict- sydney/

Scholarships/ Fellowships

United Nations University Fellowships in Japan
Deadline: 28/02/2010
Open to: Young scholars and policy-makers, especially from the developing world
Fund: between JPY 260,000 and JPY 364,000
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 02/10/united- nations-universi ty-fellowships- in-japan/

Turkish Cultural Foundation Fellowships, Istanbul
Deadline: 01/03/2010
Open to: Ph.D. scholars and scholars whose Ph.D. has been completed within the past 10 years
Scholarship: USD 10,000 for PhD level fellowships and USD 15,000 for post-doctoral level fellowships
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 01/25/turkish- cultural- foundation- fellowships- istanbul/

Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht
Deadline: 15/04/2010
Open to: artists, designers and theoreticians with a master’s degree
Scholarship: 9,360 ˆ/annual
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 01/22/jan- van-eyck- academie- maastricht/

Fellowships at the National Gallery of Canada
Deadline: 30/4/2010
Open to: Professionals in the visual arts, museology and related disciplines
Fund: between $5,000 and $30,000 a month
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 02/10/fellowship s-at-the- national- gallery-of- canada/

Toshiba Fellowship for a 3 month stay in Japan
Deadline: 30/04/2010
Open to: graduate students specialising in some branch of Japanese studies at an institution in Europe
Scholarship: 7000,- Euro for a three-month stay in Japan
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 02/08/toshiba- fellowship- for-a-3-month- stay-in-japan/

Trainings and Conferences

International Model United Nations, Mostar
Deadline: 25/02/2010
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 02/11/internatio nal-model- united-nations- mostar/

Seminar: Leadership for Cultural Diversity
Deadline: 25/02/2010
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 01/29/doctoral- seminar-leadersh ip-for-cultural- diversity/

Regional Policy and Decentralization in SEE
Deadline: 26/02/2010
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 02/10/regional- policy-and- decentralisation -in-see/

UNESCO Leadership Programme, USA
Deadline: 26/02/2010
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 02/07/unesco- international- leadership- programme- usa/

International Youth Scientific Forum, Moscow
Deadline: 28/02/2010
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 02/11/internatio nal-youth- scientific- forum-moscow- 2/

Summer Law School, University of Warwick, UK
Deadline: 12/03/2010
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 02/09/summer- law-school- university- of-warwick- uk/

Jobs and Internships

Work stipend for Media Art, Germany
Deadline: 28/02/2010
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 01/29/work- stipend-for- media-art- germany/

Internships at NASI, USA
Deadline: 01/03/2010
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 02/04/internship s-at-nasi- usa/

Economics for Equity and the Environment Student Internship Program
Deadline: 01/03/2010
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 01/10/internship -economics- for-equity- and-the-environm ent/

UNFPA Youth Programme Internship
Deadline: N/A
http://mladiinfo. com/2010/ 01/16/internship -at-unfpa- special-youth- programme/


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