Cool Websites and Tools [April 2010]

Last Words Left – Anybody who has ever traded domain names understands the value of those consisting of just a single dictionary word. Most of them are described as premium names and have a really good value associated to them. LastWordsLeft is a simple service that lists all these domains for you. Read more: LastWordsLeft: Find Unregistered One Word Domain Names.
YourAM – If you are a self-employed person with not so many resources, scheduling and managing appointments can be tough. YourAM is an online business appointment manager that aims to help you with that by letting you organize your appointments. When you are adding a new appointment, YourAM will automatically resolve time slots for availability. Read more: YourAM: Free Online Business Appointment Manager.
iTag – We recently reviewed Prey, an open-source app that tracks your stolen laptop. Since people are more likely to lose their phones than any other gadget, this service definitely comes in handy. iTag is a similar free service for Android that helps locate your lost or stolen phone. Read more: iTag: Find Your Lost Android Phone In Seconds.
DrWeb – If you’re a Linux or Mac user wanting to quickly scan a file for viruses before sending it to a friend, or a brave Windows user who doesn’t use a full-time anti-virus program but still likes to check the occasional file just to be safe, it’s worth checking out Dr. Web. Read more: DrWeb: Scan A File For Viruses Online.
Butns – The Internet is really big. So big in fact, that when you’re providing a link on a given subject, you might want it to lead to more than one destination. Enter Butns. This service allows you to create a link that goes to many different places, including Wikipedia, Facebook and Google. Read more: Butns: Quickly Create Links To Multiple Pages.

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