Poziv za projekte /deadline 30 June 2010 /

Call for Project Proposals within MDG-F Culture and Development Programme

UNDP, as one of three UN implementing agencies in the MDG-F programme, is currently looking to further expand its efforts at the local level, beyond those activities already approved in the 10 Core Localities. The present Public Call invites non-profit organizations registered in BiH to submit project proposals related to a number of thematic windows. All projects should contribute to the overarching goals of the MDGF programme to 1) increase employability through use of cultural heritage/cultural tourism/culture industry potentials or to 2) improve intercultural understanding among citizens of BiH. Projects have to be implemented in BiH, in one or more communities, as indicated in the criteria for thematic windows and general selection criteria.

Eligible Applicants and partners: Participants in this Public Call must be: Non-profit legal entities registered in BiH in accordance with applicable legal regulations (association or foundation). Projects eligible under this Call should not be over 100,000.00 BAM (additional co-financing is allowed and encouraged). UNDP will reserve the right not to disburse all available funding subject to the quality of project proposals. Proposed Projects should contribute to one thematic window below. The application should clearly indicate which of the thematic windows applicant is applying for, and the project proposal should clearly outline the rationale as to how/why the proposed project is contributing to the specific thematic window. Each of the thematic windows is provided with a set of window-specific criteria against which the proposal will be evaluated: · WINDOW 1. INNOVATIVE CRAFT DESIGN · WINDOW 2. IMPROVED ACCESS TO CULTURE · WINDOW 3. CULTURE TOURISM · WINDOW 4. ARTS FOR UNDERSTANDING · WINDOW 5. IMPROVED GEOGRAPHICAL COVERAGE OF THE PROGRAMME: HERZEGOVINA The maximum project duration is 12 months. Application documents Application Forms (project proposal form, budget proposal, logical framework, general activity plan and proposed timeframe, applicant administrative data, financial identification form, eligibility statement and partnership statement) are provided by the MDG-F Culture and Development programme and can be collected through the following email address: registry@undp.ba or directly downloaded from the following website:http://www.undp.ba/tenders from the day of announcement of the Call for Project Proposals. Submission of Applications and deadline The Call for Project Proposals is open from the day of announcement at UNDPBiH Web site (24 May 2010) until 30 June 2010. All Applicationsshall be sent to the MDG-F Culture and Development Project Office no later than 30 June 2010, 17.00 pm. All applications received after the deadline mentioned above, will not be taken into consideration, even in those cases where post stamps indicate posting date prior to the deadline or if the delay was caused by private delivery. The external side of the envelope needs to contain: the name and reference number of the Public Call, full name and address of applicant. The Applications sent in any other way (for example, by fax or e-mail) or sent to other addresses will not be taken into consideration. The complete Application, with necessary documentation (as described under Section 9above), needs to be submitted in 2 identical hard copies and in 1 electronic copy (CD-Rom) in a closed envelope to the following address:MDG-F Culture and Development Marsala Tita 48 71000 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina For additional information and clarificationson the procedures as to how to apply a set of Open Days will be organized by the MDG-F Programme team. During the Open Days, interested parties can address questions to the MDGF Programme team. Open days will be scheduled as follows: Open Day Sarajevo: 4 June 2010 from 12.00 – 15.00 at UNDP, Marsala Tita 48 Open Day Mostar: 7 June 2010 from 12.00 – 15.00 at Kralja Tvrtka bb, “Djacki dom-Sala za sastanke odjela za društvene djelatnosti” Open Day Banja Luka: 15 June 2010 from 12:00 – 15:00 at Trg srpskih vladara 2, “Banski Dvori-Crveni salon” For any additional information, please direct your questions, queries and requests for clarification to:registry@undp.ba. Your questions will be recorded and written replies shall be provided to you. Your question and the correspondent answer will automatically be made available to other potential applicants.


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