UN Women’s Call for Proposals for the UN Trust Fund – 19.01.2012.

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on 25 November, UN Women has announced the availability of grant support to NGOs under the the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women.

This call for proposals also marks the UN Trust Fund’s 15th Anniversary. It was established by UN General Assembly resolution 50/166 in 1996 to support national and local efforts to end violence against women. The UN Trust Fund awards grants annually through an open and competitive process. The majority of its grantees are NGOs, with grants awarded also to governments and UN country teams.

Current call for proposals is open to NGOs, women’s and community-based organizations and coalitions and operational research institutions and UN Country Teams in partnership with governments and civil society organizations to apply and seek funding support.

The areas of action under this call are:

  • Closing the Gap on the Implementation of National and Local Laws, Policies and Action Plans that Address Violence against Women
  • Addressing Violence against Women in Conflict, Post‐conflict and Transitional Settings

The UN Trust Fund can allocate funding from US $300,000 to $1 million for large civil society organizations, governments and UN Country teams. For small organizations, including grassroots women’s organizations and networks, project funding for a minimum of $100,000 will be considered. Project durations can be from 2-3 years.

Applicants are expected to submit proposals online in the form of a brief Concept Note. Applicants are expected to submit proposals online in the form of a brief Concept Note.

The deadline for submission of the Concept Note is 19 January 2012, 11:59pm New York Time (EST). For more information, visit this link.


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