Here are five open alternatives to Office 2013

Between Microsoft’s October launch of Windows 8 and Tuesday’s rollout of Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365, there’s no denying that it’s been a decision-filled few months for PC users.

It seems safe to say that Windows 8 has not been received as enthusiastically as Microsoft might have liked, but Office is of course a whole different ballgame, as they say.

With numerous components and pricing plans, this cross-platform entry is surely Redmond’s broadest-reaching office product to date.

Time will tell how well it does, but meanwhile there are plenty of alternatives for those who remain unconvinced. Here’s a small sampling of what’s available from the world of free and open source software.

1. LibreOffice

Certainly the leading office productivity suite on the open source side is LibreOffice. In the two or so years since it was forked from OpenOffice, it’s become the suite most commonly included by the top Linux distributions. With six feature-rich applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and more, the software had already been downloaded some 20 million times by last fall. It’s available as a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

2. Apache OpenOffice

Then, too, there’s Apache OpenOffice, now under the purview of the Apache Software Foundation. OpenOffice is what LibreOffice is based on, so the two share many similarities; development work seems to be progressing more quickly on the latter, however. Not to be confused with the German variation now known as White Label Office, this suite is available as a free download at the project site.

3. Calligra Suite

Stepping a bit closer to Microsoft’s new suite in terms of cross-platform compatibility is Calligra Suite, a graphics and office suite created by the KDE project from KOffice in 2010. With versions for desktop PCs, tablets, and smartphones, this package includes eight components spanning word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, vector graphics, and more. It can be downloaded for free for Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, and Windows.

4. OxygenOffice Professional

OxygenOffice Professional, meanwhile, is an enhanced version of OpenOffice that comes with extra goodies including templates, clip art, samples, fonts, and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) support. Now in version 3.2.1, this free software can be downloaded for 32-bit Windows as well as 32- and 64-bit Linux.

5. Feng Office Community Edition

Finally, there’s Feng Office Community Edition, a free and open source online project management and collaboration tool formerly known as OpenGoo that offers task management, document management, project management, time tracking, knowledge management, and more. Users of the software can create and edit text documents and presentations online; they can also upload, organize, and share files. The free software can be downloaded online; paid professional versions are also available starting at $59 per month.


LiLi Creates Versatile, Go-Anywhere Bootable Linux Thumb Drives

LiLi Creates Versatile, Go-Anywhere Bootable Linux Thumb Drives

Windows: Whether you’re looking to try out Linux or create a Windows troubleshooting tool, LiLi will create a powerful Linux thumb drive, letting you pick your distribution, save data between reboots, or even launch your mobile OS right from Windows.

While there are other tools out there that create live Linux USBs, LiLi is a bit more versatile. Not only can you create a live USB stick of any distro you want, but you can also store data and save your settings between reboots, making it a real mobile OS on which you can install programs, make changes, and even update software on. It also hides all your data, so snoopers looking at your USB drive won’t see anything you’ve saved onto it.

In addition, while you can boot directly from the drive as normal, each drive even comes with a portable version of VirtualBox on it, so you can also boot your mobile distro right from Windows. You don’t even need to know how to use VirtualBox; it creates an .exe file on the drive that will take you directly into a virtualized session of your mobile distro (Though you can’t save data from VirtualBox sessions, only from true live sessions). It’s a pretty cool utility, and works perfectly as a browse-without-a-trace OS, though it’s really useful for just about any of your Linux needs. Hit the link below to check it out.

Lili is a free download for Window – LiLi 🙂



Linux Directory Structure (File System Structure) Explained with Examples

Have you wondered why certain programs are located under /bin, or /sbin, or /usr/bin, or /usr/sbin?

For example, less command is located under /usr/bin directory. Why not /bin, or /sbin, or /usr/sbin? What is the different between all these directories?

In this article, let us review the Linux filesystem structures and understand the meaning of individual high-level directories.

1. / – Root

  • Every single file and directory starts from the root directory.
  • Only root user has write privilege under this directory.
  • Please note that /root is root user’s home directory, which is not same as /.

2. /bin – User Binaries

  • Contains binary executables.
  • Common linux commands you need to use in single-user modes are located under this directory.
  • Commands used by all the users of the system are located here.
  • For example: ps, ls, ping, grep, cp.

3. /sbin – System Binaries

  • Just like /bin, /sbin also contains binary executables.
  • But, the linux commands located under this directory are used typically by system aministrator, for system maintenance purpose.
  • For example: iptables, reboot, fdisk, ifconfig, swapon

4. /etc – Configuration Files

  • Contains configuration files required by all programs.
  • This also contains startup and shutdown shell scripts used to start/stop individual programs.
  • For example: /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/logrotate.conf

5. /dev – Device Files

  • Contains device files.
  • These include terminal devices, usb, or any device attached to the system.
  • For example: /dev/tty1, /dev/usbmon0

6. /proc – Process Information

  • Contains information about system process.
  • This is a pseudo filesystem contains information about running process. For example: /proc/{pid} directory contains information about the process with that particular pid.
  • This is a virtual filesystem with text information about system resources. For example: /proc/uptime

7. /var – Variable Files

  • var stands for variable files.
  • Content of the files that are expected to grow can be found under this directory.
  • This includes — system log files (/var/log); packages and database files (/var/lib); emails (/var/mail); print queues (/var/spool); lock files (/var/lock); temp files needed across reboots (/var/tmp);

8. /tmp – Temporary Files

  • Directory that contains temporary files created by system and users.
  • Files under this directory are deleted when system is rebooted.

9. /usr – User Programs

  • Contains binaries, libraries, documentation, and source-code for second level programs.
  • /usr/bin contains binary files for user programs. If you can’t find a user binary under /bin, look under /usr/bin. For example: at, awk, cc, less, scp
  • /usr/sbin contains binary files for system administrators. If you can’t find a system binary under /sbin, look under /usr/sbin. For example: atd, cron, sshd, useradd, userdel
  • /usr/lib contains libraries for /usr/bin and /usr/sbin
  • /usr/local contains users programs that you install from source. For example, when you install apache from source, it goes under /usr/local/apache2

10. /home – Home Directories

  • Home directories for all users to store their personal files.
  • For example: /home/john, /home/nikita

11. /boot – Boot Loader Files

  • Contains boot loader related files.
  • Kernel initrd, vmlinux, grub files are located under /boot
  • For example: initrd.img-2.6.32-24-generic, vmlinuz-2.6.32-24-generic

12. /lib – System Libraries

  • Contains library files that supports the binaries located under /bin and /sbin
  • Library filenames are either ld* or lib*.so.*
  • For example:,

13. /opt – Optional add-on Applications

  • opt stands for optional.
  • Contains add-on applications from individual vendors.
  • add-on applications should be installed under either /opt/ or /opt/ sub-directory.

14. /mnt – Mount Directory

  • Temporary mount directory where sysadmins can mount filesystems.

15. /media – Removable Media Devices

  • Temporary mount directory for removable devices.
  • For examples, /media/cdrom for CD-ROM; /media/floppy for floppy drives; /media/cdrecorder for CD writer

16. /srv – Service Data

  • srv stands for service.
  • Contains server specific services related data.
  • For example, /srv/cvs contains CVS related data.

Powerful Video Editor Lightworks Released as Open Source

lightworks thumb

EditShare, the company behind Academy and Emmy award-winning video editing software Lightworks announced plans to release its product under an open source license. Lightworks was most recently used to edit movies like Shutter Island and Centurion, but is also credited with helping create otehr films like Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Mission Impossible.

Lightworks Open Source is packed with a ton of features including 3D editorial functionality, native RED editing, native 2K support with DPX and RED, and Universal Media File support. It can also share media and work in tandem with other editing software such as Final Cut Pro and Avid.

Under development since 1989, the Lightworks project was acquired by EditShare in 2009. The company says releasing it under an open source license so it can reach its “full potential.”

“EditShare has built a reputation for offering open solutions that enhance collaboration. In taking this uncharted path with Lightworks, we follow this same principle,” said James Richings, Co-Managing Director, EditShare EMEA in a prepared statement. “Lightworks Open Source offers a highly collaborative development environment based on powerful and feature-rich underlying technology, which has come from over one million hours of software development.”

EditShare plans to let developers create and sell plugins, options, or I/O devices through an online market place. According to Tara Montford, EditShare’s Co-Managing Director, “We are increasing our development and support staff, and all contributed code will be thoroughly managed by our distinguished Lightworks team, ensuring the reliability of the new Lightworks Open Source editor.”

Lightworks won’t be officially available until Q3 of this year, but you can sign up to be notified when it’s released.

11 Free Windows Programs Alternatives For Linux

We have lots of software available to use on Windows platform to complete our different work, but they are not free and when we go to run them on Linux so we don’t have any option. Don’t worry about it, today we are listing here 11 Free Windows Programs Alternatives For Linux in which most of them are also usable on the Windows platform. There are many alternative available for single software, but I just tried to list down some very similar and useful alternative.You are welcome to share if you know more Free Windows Programs Alternatives For Linux that our readers/viewers may like.


Alternative: Adobe Photoshop


GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed program for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.


Alternative: Quick Books

GNU Cash

GNUCash is designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible, GnuCash allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. As quick and intuitive to use as a checkbook register, it is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports. Though not as powerful and wide-scale as Quick Books, GNUCash is a perfect open source tool for small business and personal finance purposes.


Alternative: Microsoft Office

open office

OpenOffice is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers. It stores all your data in an international open standard format and can also read and write files from other common office software packages. It can be downloaded and used completely free of charge for any purpose.


Alternative: Adobe Acrobat

PDF Edit

Free (and open source) editor for manipulating PDF documents. GUI version + commandline interface. Scripting is used to a great extent in editor and almost anything can be scripted, it is possible to create own scripts or plugins.


Alternative: ACDSee


The photo viewer is a fast, lightweight application for viewing images on your desktop. Installed with Picasa 3, it lets you to take a quick look at images without having to fully open the Picasa 3 program.


Alternative: Microsoft Internet Explorer


Mozilla Firefox is a fast and powerful web browser designed to run on both Linux and Windows. There are far fewer issues with spyware, adware, and pop ups making it far more secure than Internet Explorer.


Alternative: Adobe Dreamweaver


Firefox 3 sets the pace with dozens of new features, including the smart location bar, one-click bookmarking and blindingly fast performance. Avoid online scams, unsafe transactions and forgeries with simple site identity. View Web pages faster, using less of your computer’s memory.


Alternative: Microsoft SharePoint


Alfresco is the leading open source alternative for enterprise content management. It couples the innovation of open source with the stability of a true enterprise-class platform. The open source model allows Alfresco to use best-of-breed open source technologies and contributions from the open source community to get higher quality software produced more quickly at much lower cost.


Alternative: Adobe Flash


The OpenLaszlo platform allows developers to create applications with the rich user interface capabilities of desktop client software and the instantaneous no-download Web deployment of HTML. The OpenLaszlo platform is open source and free for development and deployment.

Anjuta DevStudio

Alternative: Microsoft Visual Studio

anjuta devstudio

Anjuta DevStudio has been designed to be simple to operate yet powerful enough to fullfil all your programming needs. Many features have evolved since the early days and several very attractive ones added.


Alternative: Winamp


Amarok is the music player for Linux and Unix with an intuitive interface. Amarok makes playing the music you love easier than ever before – and looks good doing it.


Alternative: ViceVersa

Backup PC

BackupPC is a high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up Linux, WinXX and MacOSX PCs and laptops to a server’s disk. BackupPC is highly configurable and easy to install and maintain.

21 Online Free Aplikacija

Today, we are listing 21 free and online web based applications which are very helpful for you to process your daily work. If you are designer, developer, office worker, manager, supervisor, student, home user, etc but we make sure to add something interesting for everyone. Most of them are not very well known but they are really amazing in respect to their features. Just take a look at them and share your thoughts here. 

You are welcome to share if you know about any free web based application which our readers may like.

Sending reminders and alerts, with your own voice, is easy and simple using Phoneviteâ„¢. With this tool, you can send free phone reminders & alerts to yourself and/or your friends in 3 quick, easy steps.

Google Docs
google docs
You can import your existing documents, spreadsheets and presentations, or create new ones from scratch. Invite people to your documents and make changes together, at the same time. All you need is a Web browser.

crazyegg – visualize your visitors
Crazy Egg will help you improve the design of your site by showing you where people are clicking and where they are not.

Windows Live OneCare safety scanner
windows live one care
Windows Live OneCare safety scanner is a free service designed to help ensure the health of your PC.

hooeey – Record, retrieve and analyze your web hops
hooeey is a personal web application that records all web links that you browse and lets you use them in a fun and productive way.

Vuzit is a web based document viewer you can embed in any web page. It’s fast to add and it’s free!

CodePaste provides an easy and convenient way to send/share PHP, C++, Javascript, Java, CSS, Actionscript and HTML code with others. Copy and paste the code and enter the email where you want the CodePaste to send it. CodePaste then nicely formats the code and sends it over.

Sprout Builder
Sprout is the quick and easy way for anyone to build, publish, and manage widgets, mini-sites, mashups, banners and more.

infoencrypt – Online service for easy encrypt messages
This is service for securing your messages in an easy way. All you need is only to enter a message text of your message and encryption password. The password will be used for both encryption and decryption. The system will encrypt your message using strong encryption algorithm, and it will be secure for sending. Anyone who intercepts the encrypted message without password will not be able to read original message.

Premier Survey
Free survey software for online surveys, web surveys, email surveys. Free Online survey software for customer satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, market research surveys.

Primo Online
PrimoOnline provides a super-fast way to create PDF files online, without the need to install any PDF software. Simply upload your file, enter your email address, and our server-based PDF creator will quickly convert it to PDF and deliver it straight to your email inbox.

postica – stick it! Create and share sticky notes
Postica lets you create sticky notes, attach a file, and share them with your friends.

TinySong allows you to quickly share music links with your friends.

Adobe Buzzword
Adobe Buzzword
Adobe® Buzzword® is a new online word processor, perfect for writing reports, proposals, and anything else you need to access online or work on with others. It looks and behaves like your normal desktop word processor, but it operates inside a web browser, so there’s no installation required.

shrink file is a free resource to compress your text documents, images, PDF files and other data online, because some computers don’t have WinZip or WinRAR installed. will host the uploaded content at a static URL for one week, allowing you to share the file with family and friends.

Awesome Highlighter
Awesome Highlighter
Awesome Highlighter lets you highlight text on web pages and then gives you a small link to the highlighted page.

CreativePro Office
creative pro office
CreativePro Office is the most complete set of online office management tools you’re likely to find at any price – and it’s completely free! Manage your team, clients, projects, invoices, events from one web-based application.

ConceptDraw Visio File Converter is a free web service, provided by Computer Systems Odessa that is available to anyone who uses diagramming software and has a requirement to open Visio (VSD) documents. This service have been created because Visio users often don’t save their drawing into Visio XML (VDX) file format.

Hide My Ass
Hide My Ass
An anonymous free proxy service aimed at hiding your online identity. Use our service to hide your IP address and bypass your work/school web filter with ease.

rescue time
RescueTime is time management software that helps individuals and businesses understand how they spend their time, and provides tools to help them spend it more productively.

Picnik makes your photos fabulous with easy to use yet powerful editing tools. Tweak to your heart’s content, then get creative with oodles of effects, fonts, shapes, and frames.

U.K. government subsidizes Linux PCs for the poor and unwired

The British government has launched a pilot scheme to help citizens who lack Internet access buy refurbished Linux-based PCs for 98 Pounds. Run by a firm called Remploy, the trial is part of the government’s Race Online 2012 program to get all U.K. citizens online.

Reemploy, which bills itself as the U.K.’s leading provider of specialist employment services for disabled people, says the so-called ‘E-cycle’ project is funded largely by the British government via its “Race Online 2012” and “Networked Nation” initiatives spearheaded by government-appointed “UK Digital Champion” Martha Lane Fox. Race Online 2012 aims to get the 9.2 million adults in the UK who are currently offline hooked up with Internet connections. About four million of this group is socially and economically disadvantaged, says the company.

Reemploy employee refurbishing donated PC
Source: Reemploy

The Remploy’E-cycle” scheme uses refurbished computers that are then loaded with Linux software and offered with Internet access from mobile provider “Three,” priced at 9 Pounds ($14.40) per month or twice that for three months.

Computer prices start at 98 Pounds (about $156) for a PC with a flat-screen monitor, mouse, and keyboard, complete with warranty, telephone support, and delivery, says Reemploy. About 60 U.K. online centers will take part in the one-year trial, which is expected to be joined by 8,000 consumers.

Reemploy does not mention Linux, but a BBC story on the E-cycle scheme says that the computers will run “open-source software, such as Linux.” According to the publication, Reemploy will adapt its existing E-cycle scheme for providing refurbished computers to disabled people to the Race Online 2012 program.

Several previous government-sponsored initiatives in the U.K. have offered cheap PCs to poor, unwired citizens, including a “Home Access Scheme” that began to distribute free laptops to pupils from poor backgrounds in January 2010, says BBC News. However, with the recession, as well as a new, more conservative, Tory-led coalition government led by Prime Minister David Cameron, the scheme was canceled eight months later, says the story.

Now, Martha Lane Fox, who has been given the title UK Digital Champion by Cameron — sort of a “digital czar” in the U.S. political vernacular — is moving forward with this less expensive program, based on partial subsidization as opposed to giveaways.

Stated Martha Lane Fox, “Working in partnership is crucial to getting the UK connected and confident with technology, and the E-cycle scheme is just one of the projects being put together by Race Online 2012 partners across the public, private and third sectors.”

Damn Small Linux

Damn Small Linux is a very versatile 50MB mini desktop oriented Linux distribution.

Damn Small is small enough and smart enough to do the following things:

  • Boot from a business card CD as a live linux distribution (LiveCD)
  • Boot from a USB pen drive
  • Boot from within a host operating system (that’s right, it can run *inside* Windows)
  • Run very nicely from an IDE Compact Flash drive via a method we call “frugal install”
  • Transform into a Debian OS with a traditional hard drive install
  • Run light enough to power a 486DX with 16MB of Ram
  • Run fully in RAM with as little as 128MB (you will be amazed at how fast your computer can be!)
  • Modularly grow — DSL is highly extendable without the need to customize

DSL was originally developed as an experiment to see how many usable desktop applications can fit inside a 50MB live CD. It was at first just a personal tool/toy. But over time Damn Small Linux grew into a community project with hundreds of development hours put into refinements including a fully automated remote and local application installation system and a very versatile backup and restore system which may be used with any writable media including a hard drive, a floppy drive, or a USB device.

DSL has a nearly complete desktop, and a tiny core of command line tools. All applications are chosen with the best balance of functionality, size and speed. Damn Small also has the ability to act as an SSH/FTP/HTTPD server right off of a live CD. In our quest to save space and have a fully functional desktop we’ve made many GUI administration tools which are fast yet still easy to use. What does DSL have?

XMMS (MP3, CD Music, and MPEG), FTP client, Dillo web browser, Netrik web browser, FireFox, spreadsheet, Sylpheed email, spellcheck (US English), a word-processor (Ted), three editors (Beaver, Vim, and Nano [Pico clone]), graphics editing and viewing (Xpaint, and xzgv), Xpdf (PDF Viewer), emelFM (file manager), Naim (AIM, ICQ, IRC), VNCviwer, Rdesktop, SSH/SCP server and client, DHCP client, PPP, PPPoE (ADSL), a web server, calculator, generic and GhostScript printer support, NFS, Fluxbox and JWM window managers, games, system monitoring apps, a host of command line tools, USB support, and pcmcia support, some wireless support.

Curious about who we are? Check out the contributors page.

3.x Supports Application launching from limited icons. Application centric. Menu driven.
Current 3.x version 3.4.12, screenshots: 1 2 Older Screenshots

4.x Supports Drag-N-Drop, Folder/Document centric. Many icons. Can be run menuless.
Current 4.x version: 4.4.10, screenshots: 12

Get The Official Damn Small Linux Book.

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DSL Goodies!

To keep this project alive and funded we sell merchandise which we think the average geek will appreciate.

You may want to support us by buying DSL on a CD, we sell them in full and mini sizes.

Another great way to support our project is to buy a Bootable USB pen which is capable of booting inside Windows.

Are you a gadget-geek? Check out the DSL Mini-ITX and Small Computer Store.
Also, be sure to chech out our Damn Small Machine.

Other languages: es,it,de

Open source software

Anti-Spyware/Anti-Virus/Anti-Rootkit Freeware Utilities : I want to …

  1. protect the computer against viruses : ClamWin Free Antivirus
  2. protect the computer against viruses : The OpenAntivirus Project
  3. protect the computer with a firewall : PktFilter
  4. protect the computer with a firewall : Winsock Firewall

Audio/Music/MP3/Real/Wav Freeware Utilities : I want to …

  1. adjust sound volume of mp3 files : MP3Gain
  2. backup a midi file : MIDI Backup Utility
  3. burn an audio CD : Easy Burning
  4. burn an audio CD : cdrtfe
  5. burn an audio CD : jCDWriter
  6. copy an audio CD : CDRDAO
  7. correct/edit tags of mp3 files : Mp3 Tag Tools
  8. correct/edit tags of mp3 files : MP3 Book Helper
  9. correct/edit tags of mp3 files : MusicBrainz Tagger!
  10. correct/edit tags of mp3 files : MP3-Info Extension
  11. cut/edit/mix/record/remix sound files : Audacity
  12. dj with the mp3 collection : Mixxx
  13. manage CD collection : Ant Movie Catalog
  14. mix audio files : Mixere
  15. play an audio file : Coolplayer
  16. play an audio file : LongPlayer
  17. play an audio file : SnackAmp
  18. play an audio file : NotifyCD
  19. play an audio file : musikCube
  20. play an audio file : Delphamp
  21. play an audio file : Zinf
  22. record save/ audio/video from screen : Krut Computer Recorder
  23. record/save an internet audio broadcast : Juice
  24. record/save streaming music : ASFRecorder
  25. record/save streaming music : Streamripper for Winamp
  26. record/save streaming music : StationRipper
  27. rip music from a CD : MediaCoder
  28. rip music from a CD : CDex
  29. rip music from a CD : CD-DA X-Tractor
  30. sequence midi files : JAZZ++
  31. split an mp3 file into smaller parts : Mp3splt
  32. split an mp3 file into smaller parts : split3pm
  33. stream audio files on the web : GNUMP3d
  34. stream audio files on the web : PeerCast
  35. tag and upload creative commons audio : ccPublisher
  36. turn PC into a media center : MediaPortal
  37. update firmware on mp3 device : Rockbox
  38. wrap mutiple mp3 files into one playable album file : Alba
  39. wrap mutiple mp3 files into one playable album file : Mp3Wrap

Business/Office/Access/Excel/Word Freeware Utilities : I want to …

  1. administer a database : FutureSQL
  2. annotate a pdf : Jarnal
  3. automatically speak the powerpoint slides : PowerTalk 1.2.4
  4. capture screen action into SWF file : Vnc2swf
  5. capture the screen : ScreenCopy
  6. convert .doc files into pdf files : PDF Tools
  7. convert a pdf document into html : pdftohtml
  8. create PDF files : PDFCreator
  9. create PDF files : qvPDF
  10. create/edit html file : Bluefish
  11. design a database : DBDesigner
  12. display a desktop calendar : Sunbird from Mozilla
  13. manage (merge/split/fill) PDF files : Pdftk
  14. manage customer relationships (CRM/ERP) : Compiere
  15. manage customer relationships (CRM/ERP) : ERP5
  16. manage customer relationships (CRM/ERP) : GNU Enterprise (GNUe)
  17. manage customer relationships (CRM/ERP) : Open For Business Project
  18. manage customer relationships (CRM/ERP) : opentaps
  19. manage customer relationships (CRM/ERP) : SugarCRM
  20. manage customer relationships (CRM/ERP) : webERP
  21. open DjVu documents : WinDjView
  22. open PDF files faster : Xpdf
  23. replace Microsoft Word : AbiWord
  24. store data in a database : Firebird
  25. store data in a database : InterBase
  26. store data in a database : Ingres
  27. store data in a database : MySQL
  28. store data in a database : MaxDB
  29. store data in a database : Base
  30. store data in a database : PostgreSQL
  31. store data in a spreadsheet : Gnumeric
  32. track support-desk trouble-tickets : SimpleTicket
  33. track time spent on a project : Time Stamp
  34. type faster (auto-finish words) : LetMeType
  35. use a business intelligence package : Pentaho BI
  36. use a desktop publishing package : Scribus
  37. use a dictionary : Babiloo
  38. use a dictionary : jDictionary
  39. use a dictionary : Podo
  40. use office suite (writer, calc, impress, draw base) : OpenOffice
  41. view html source code for documents/emails : IESpy

Communication Freeware Utilities : I want to …

  1. add different signature/quote/funny lines to email messages : Kookie Jar
  2. chat on IRC (internet relay chat) : BoxedIrc
  3. chat on IRC : X-Chat 2
  4. chat on IRC : HydraIRC
  5. chat on IRC : KVIrc
  6. chat on IRC : ChatZilla
  7. chat on IRC : SeaMonkey
  8. chat on IRC : savIRC
  9. chat with MSN Messenger clients : aMSN
  10. chat with a white board : Coccinella
  11. chat with different messenger clients : Ayttm
  12. chat with different messenger clients : LLuna
  13. chat with different messenger clients : Exodus
  14. chat with different messenger clients : Gabber 2
  15. chat with different messenger clients : Gaim
  16. chat with different messenger clients : BuddySpace
  17. chat with different messenger clients : Centericq
  18. chat with different messenger clients : Psi
  19. chat with different messenger clients : SIM-IM
  20. chat with different messenger clients : Tkabber
  21. chat with different messenger clients : Spark
  22. chat with different messenger clients : Miranda IM
  23. filter spam in email/outlook : Internet Junkbuster
  24. filter spam in email/outlook : Mailfilter
  25. filter spam in email/outlook : SpamBayes
  26. filter spam in email/outlook : Spamihilator
  27. monitor email from multiple accounts : Magic Mail Monitor 3
  28. phone free using the internet : SIPp
  29. phone free using the internet : Speak-Freely
  30. phone free using the internet : Asterisk
  31. phone free using the internet : Shtoom
  32. phone free using the internet : Ekiga
  33. phone free using the internet : PhoneGaim
  34. phone free using the internet : sipXphone
  35. phone free using the internet : SIP Communicator
  36. read/send email : Althea
  37. read/send email : Sylpheed-Claws
  38. read/send email : Mahogany
  39. read/send email : RoundAbout
  40. read/send email : si.Mail
  41. read/send email : Unixmail for Windows
  42. read/send email : Thunderbird
  43. read/send email : Mutt
  44. read/send email : Polarbar Mailer
  45. send email : Blat
  46. send email to multiple people : MailReactor
  47. sort email and check for spam : POPFile
  48. telnet/ssh to a site : Mssh is 2.1
  49. telnet/ssh to a site : PCMan
  50. telnet/ssh to a site : PuTTY
  51. use POP-3 to access hotmail account : Blue HttpMail
  52. use POP-3 to access hotmail account : HTTPMail
  53. use POP-3 to access hotmail account : JHTTPMail
  54. use POP-3 to access hotmail account : HotPOP3
  55. use POP-3 to access webmail account : MrPostman
  56. use POP-3 to access webmail account : FreePOPs
  57. use a better AOL instant messenger : TerraIM
  58. use groupware application : Evolution for Windows

Desktop Freeware Utilities : I want to …

  1. connect two different destops on two systems : Win2VNC
  2. display a desktop calendar : Rainlendar
  3. display a desktop calendar : Sunbird from Mozilla
  4. launch applications with shortcut names : Dave’s Quick Search Deskbar
  5. launch applications with shortcut names : Launchy
  6. run a collaborative screensaver : Electric Sheep
  7. see an active desktop : Vital Desktop
  8. see desktop objects thru a magnifying glass : Virtual Magnifying Glass
  9. synch clock to exact time : NetTime
  10. synch clock to exact time : NIST Internet Time Service
  11. use virtual desktops in windows : Virtual Desktop
  12. use virtual desktops in windows : Virtual Dimension
  13. use virtual desktops in windows : VirtuaWin
  14. write sticky (post-it) notes on the desktop : A Note
  15. write sticky (post-it) notes on the desktop : HandyNotes
  16. write sticky (post-it) notes on the desktop : e7NoteIt

Editors/Notepad Replacements Freeware Utilities : I want to …

  1. edit gettext catalogs : poEdit
  2. edit programming source code : Notepad++
  3. edit programming source code : SynEdit
  4. edit programming source code : jEdit
  5. edit programming source code : Jext
  6. edit programming source code : SciTE
  7. edit rich textTurbo Pad
  8. edit rich text : LyX
  9. edit scientific text : GNU TeXmacs
  10. edit text : Jarnal
  11. edit text : UniRed
  12. edit text : Emacs
  13. edit text : Vim
  14. edit text : WinVi32
  15. edit/view/analyze executables : HT

Files and Folders Freeware Utilities : I want to …

  1. archive (zip) files : BiGZiP
  2. archive (zip) files : Zzip
  3. archive (zip) files : 7-Zip
  4. archive (zip) files :
  5. backup files and folders : Amanda
  6. backup files and folders : BackupPC
  7. backup files and folders : NasBackup
  8. backup files and folders : Abakt
  9. compare/differentiate/merge different files/folders : KDiff3
  10. compare/differentiate/merge different files/folders : WinMerge
  11. convert ASCII files between Win and Unix : Tofrodos
  12. copy a data CD : CDRDAO
  13. display size/space of folders on a drive : WinDirStat
  14. encrypt a file : AxCrypt.
  15. encrypt a file : Blowfish Advanced CS.
  16. encrypt drives/folders/files : TrueCrypt
  17. grep in windows : GREP for Windows
  18. rename multiple files : Ant Renamer
  19. search HTML and office documents : DocSearcher
  20. search file/text on the computer : The File Seeker
  21. search file/text on the computer : Wilbur
  22. search file/text on the computer : Wilma
  23. search files on the computer/intranet : MaxFisher
  24. search text within files : AstroGrep
  25. securely exchange files via p2p : Waste

Financial Freeware Utilities : I want to …

  1. manage business financial accounts : Quasar
  2. manage business financial accounts : SQL-Ledger
  3. manage personal finances : TurboCASH

Graphics/Images/Photographs Freeware Utilities : I want to …

  1. add copyright bar on images : CopyRightLeft
  2. convert .png file into .ico format : png2ico
  3. convert bitmap to vector graphics : AutoTrace
  4. convert bitmap to vector graphics : Potrace
  5. convert scanned text into text : GOCR
  6. create a flash based photo album : zphoto
  7. create an html photo album : Thotor
  8. create schematic drawings : XCircuit
  9. create schematic drawings : gEDA
  10. create/edit 3d graphics : Irrlicht Engine
  11. create/edit 3d graphics : Nebula
  12. create/edit 3d graphics : Art of Illusion
  13. create/edit 3d graphics : Blender
  14. create/edit 3d graphics : Jahshaka
  15. create/edit 3d graphics : OGRE v1.2 [Dagon]
  16. create/edit 3d graphics : OpenFX
  17. create/edit 3d graphics : POV-Ray
  18. create/edit 3d graphics : Wings 3D
  19. create/edit 3d graphics : Xara Xtreme
  20. create/edit bitmap images : ImageMagick
  21. create/edit diagrams : Dia
  22. create/edit graphics : GLE
  23. create/edit vector drawings : Skencil
  24. draw circuit diagrams : TinyCAD
  25. edit an image (for kids) : Tux Paint
  26. edit an image : GIMP
  27. edit an image : Paint.NET
  28. edit an image : GIMPShop
  29. edit vector graphics : Inkscape
  30. extract useful imformation from digital photographs : jhead
  31. hide information in a picture : Hide In Picture
  32. model using computer-aided-design : BRL-CAD
  33. model using computer-aided-design : Sailcut CAD
  34. model using computer-aided-design : PythonCAD
  35. organize photos in albums : ctPhotoBook
  36. restore an old image/painting : restoreInpaint
  37. stitch panoramic photographs : hugin
  38. view images in an album folder : IMGV
  39. view images in an album folder : Cornice

Information/Fun/Misc Freeware Utilities : I want to …

  1. chart planetary movements : ORSA – Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation, and Analysis
  2. see 3d space simulation : Celestia
  3. see the sky/stars/planets : Stellarium
  4. write an outline : Tkoutline
  5. zoom onto the Earth from space : World Wind by NASA

Internet Freeware Utilities : I want to …

  1. add ecommerce to website : osCommerce
  2. add mouse gestures to Internet Explorer browser : Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer
  3. block IP addresses : PeerGuardian 2
  4. block IP addresses : PeerGuardian Lite
  5. browse the web anonymously : Tor
  6. browse the web fast : K-Meleon
  7. browse the web safely : Firefox
  8. browse the web safely : SeaMonkey
  9. browse the web safely : Opera
  10. conect via a VPN : SSL-Explorer
  11. conect via a VPN : OpenVPN
  12. distribute large files over the web : Jigsaw Download
  13. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : Ares
  14. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : Azureus
  15. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : BT++
  16. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : Cabos
  17. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : eMule Morph
  18. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : eMule Plus
  19. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : G3 Torrent
  20. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : HeavyMole
  21. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : Krimpy
  22. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : MLDonkey
  23. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : MUTE File Sharing
  24. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : MyNapster
  25. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : Phex
  26. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : ABC
  27. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : Qtella
  28. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : TorrentSpy
  29. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : BitTornado
  30. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : BitTorrent
  31. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : eMule
  32. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : FreeWire
  33. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : Gnucleus
  34. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : LimeWire
  35. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : Shareaza
  36. download a file via a torrent / p2p site : XNap
  37. download all files on a webpage : leech
  38. download an entire website : Getleft
  39. download an entire website : webfetch
  40. download an entire website : HTTrack
  41. download/upload files via FTP : FileZilla
  42. download/upload files via FTP : JFtp
  43. easily install Apache/MySQL/PHP/Perl : XAMPP
  44. edit html files : SeaMonkey
  45. edit html files : Amaya
  46. encrypt email : Stunnel
  47. encrypt email messages : WinPT
  48. encrypt email messages : GnuPG for Windows
  49. kill popup ads : AKiller
  50. manage bookmarks : Bookmark Manager
  51. manage download from the web : TrueDownloader
  52. manage download from the web : WackGet
  53. manage download from the web : FlashGot
  54. manage passwords : Password Safe
  55. manage passwords : PINs
  56. read rss feeds : Feedreader
  57. read rss feeds : RSSOwl
  58. read usenet / newsgroups : Mahogany
  59. read usenet / newsgroups : MicroPlanet Gravity
  60. read usenet / newsgroups : Pan
  61. read usenet / newsgroups : slrn / s-lang read news
  62. read usenet / newsgroups : AmphetaDesk
  63. read usenet / newsgroups : SeaMonkey
  64. read usenet / newsgroups : XanaNews
  65. run a jabber server : ejabberd
  66. run a jabber server : jabberd
  67. run a jabber server : Wildfire
  68. run a jabber server : Java Jabber
  69. run a java/xml server :
  70. run a proxy server : DeleGate
  71. run a proxy server : Privoxy
  72. run a server on any windows : Uniform Server
  73. run an application server : Zope
  74. run an ftp server : AnomicFTPD
  75. run an web/http server : Apache
  76. run an web/http server : Savant
  77. run an web/http server : MyServer
  78. run an web/http server : Jigsaw
  79. run an x window system server : WeirdX
  80. search for open-source code : Koders
  81. synch bookmarks between browsers : BookmarkBridge
  82. use a content management system (CMS) : Drupal
  83. use a content management system (CMS) : eZ publish
  84. use a content management system (CMS) : Plone
  85. use a content management system (CMS) : OpenCms
  86. use pretty good privacy : GnuPG
  87. view html documents : Amaya

Keyboard Freeware Utilities : I want to …

  1. automatically send defined keystrokes : Qliner hotkeys
  2. use a single keybord/mouse for multiple systems : Synergy

Performance/Recovery/System Freeware Utilities : I want to …

  1. access ReiserFS partitions in Win : rfstool
  2. analyze network traffic : Analyzer
  3. analyze network traffic : BO2K
  4. analyze network traffic : Show Traffic
  5. analyze network traffic : Ethereal
  6. analyze network traffic : WinDump
  7. analyze server log files : Analog
  8. analyze/audit network security : Nmap/Network Mapper
  9. audit computer software and configuration : OCS Inventory NG
  10. change directory fast : WCD
  11. check md5 checksums : MD5summer
  12. clone a hard disk : g4u
  13. completely wipe/delete a hard disk : Darik’s Boot and Nuke
  14. completely wipe/delete a hard disk : Eraser
  15. display free RAM : RAMpage
  16. display system information : CoolMon
  17. display system performance metrics : Rainmeter
  18. display system process information : Process Trace
  19. graphically view linux partitions and files : Explore2fs
  20. graphically view linux partitions and files : YAReG
  21. log network traffic : daSniff
  22. monitor internet connections from applications : Winpooch
  23. monitor smart hard drives : smartmontools
  24. partition a hard disk : Partition Logic
  25. recover lost partitions : TestDisk
  26. recover lost partitions on a drive : TestDisk
  27. remotely access event log information : Snare Agent for Windows
  28. remotely control another computer : EchoVNC
  29. remotely control another computer : UltraVNC
  30. remotely control another computer : TightVNC
  31. remotely see network properties : NetBIOS
  32. run a linux-like environment in windows : Cygwin
  33. scan TCP security ports : Knocker
  34. search network traffic : ngrep
  35. synch files between win and unix : Unison
  36. test memory : Memtest86
  37. use a dynamic DNS / fixed hostname address : Dynksys Dynamic IP Updater
  38. use a dynamic DNS / fixed hostname address : MyDyndns
  39. use a dynamic DNS / fixed hostname address : DeeEnEs

Productivity Freeware Utilities : I want to …

  1. be notified when email arrives : PopTray
  2. keep multiple html-free snippets in the clipboard : HovText
  3. listen to text in a file : Sayz Me Text
  4. manage a project : GanttProject
  5. manage a project : dotProject
  6. manage a project : Open Workbench
  7. mind-map an idea/subject/project : FreeMind
  8. mind-map an idea/subject/project : vym
  9. store/manage my passwords : KeePass
  10. use a personal information manager : TreeLine
  11. write notes : Notebox Disorganizer IIe
  12. write notes : KeyNote

Programming Freeware Utilities : I want to …

  1. create installation programs : NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)
  2. create installation programs : Ultimate Packer for eXecutables
  3. create installation programs : Inno Setup
  4. create self-extracting archives : FreeExtractor
  5. create xml installation programs : Windows Installer XML (WiX)
  6. maintain version control : CVSNT Open Source
  7. maintain version control : TortoiseCVS
  8. maintain version control : CvsGui
  9. program .NET applications : DotGNU Portable.NET
  10. program .NET applications : Mono
  11. program applications : Suneido
  12. program in Ruby : Ruby
  13. program in c# : SharpDevelop
  14. program in c++ : Dev-C++
  15. program in c++ : Code::Blocks
  16. program in visual c# : C# Open Source

Video/TV/DVDs Freeware Utilities : I want to …

  1. backup a DVD : AutoGK
  2. burn VCD : cdrtfe
  3. capture video : Virtual VCR
  4. convert DVD into RealMedia : FilmShrink
  5. convert a DVD to VCD or DivX : DVDx
  6. convert AVI to MPEG : TMPGEnc
  7. convert video files : AVI-Mux
  8. display AVI file information : YAAI – Yet Another Avi Info
  9. edit an AVI file : VirtualDub
  10. edit video files : AviSynth
  11. encode DivX/XviD : Gordian Knot
  12. join/slice MPEG files : mpgtx
  13. manage DVD collection : Ant Movie Catalog
  14. play multimedia files : GPAC
  15. play multimedia files : Vitessa
  16. play multimedia files : Media Player Classic (MPC)
  17. play multimedia files : MPlayer
  18. play multimedia files : VLC media player
  19. play multimedia files : xine
  20. repair corrupt divx files : DivXRepair
  21. rip a DVD : MediaCoder
  22. rip a DVD into MPEG format : HandBrake
  23. stream video files on the web : PeerCast
  24. tag and upload creative commons video : ccPublisher
  25. watch internet TV and Video shows : Democracy Player

Thanks to EConsultant


Open Source E-Books for Linux

Installation and Getting Started

1. Introduction to Linux – A Hands on Guide

2. Linux From Scratch

3. The Easiest Linux Guide You’ll Ever Read – An Introduction to Linux for Windows users

4. Linux Installation and Getting Started by Matt Welsh

5. Comprehensive Linux Textbook by Muayyad Saleh Al-Sadi

6. Pocket Linux Guide

7. Linux+ Study Guide

8. The Linux Cookbook: Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use by Michael Stutz

9. Beyond Linux from Scratch

10. Brian and Tom’s Linux Book

11. Everyday Linux

12. Linux Dictionary

13. Learning the Unix Operating System

14. Slackware Linux Essentials by Alan Hicks, Chris Lumens, David Cantrell, and Logan Johnson


1. Linux Admins Security Guide

2. Linux Security Howto

3. Linux Firewall Configuration, Packet Filtering & netfilter/iptables

4. Securing and Optimizing Linux by Gerhard Mourani

System Administration

1. The Book of Webmin Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love UNIX

2. Linux Network Administrator’s Guide by Olaf Kirch and Terry Dawson

3. Self-Service Linux: Mastering the Art of Problem Determination by Dan Behman and Mark Wilding

4. SUSE Linux Administration Guide

5. Bash Guide for Beginners

6. In The Beginning Was The Command Line

7. Vi iMproved (VIM)


1. The Art of Unix Programming

2. Advanced Linux Programming by CodeSourcery LLC

3. Java Application Development on Linux by Carl Albing and Michael Schwarz(PDF)

4. Writing GNOME Applications

5. Advanced Linux Programming

6. Secure Programming for Linux and Unix

7. The Art of Unix Programming

8. The Linux Development Platform

9. Secure Programming for Linux and Unix HOWTO

10. C++ GUI Programming With Qt 3

11. Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide by Ori Pomerantz

12. KDE 2.0 Development

13. GTK+/Gnome Application Development

14. GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool

15. The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide

16. PHP Essentials

17. Javascript Essentials

18. Visual Basic Essentials


1. Linux Client Migration Cookbook

2. Linux Client Migration Cookbook, Version 2: A Practical Planning and Implementation Guide for Migrating to Desktop Linux by Chris Almond


1. The Linux kernel

2. Linux Kernel 2.4 Internals


1. Unofficial Ubuntu Guide

2. Ubuntu Linux Essentials

Red Hat

1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Installation Guide

2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Reference Guide

3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Step By Step Guide

4. Maximum RPM, Taking the Red Hat Package Manager to the Limit

Fedora Core

1. Red Hat Fedora Core 7 Installation Guide

2. Fedora Core 7 Desktop Guide

3. Fedora Linux Essentials


1. Knowing Knoppix


1. Debian GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide

2. Debian GNU/Linux System Administrator’s Manual

3. Linux Compute Clusters by Chander Kant

4. Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition

5. GNU Bash Reference Manual

6. GNU Emacs manual