Nagrađeni video sa konkursa (Under)represented

Konkursom su se tražile nove i originalne teme u kojima kandidati predstavljaju svoj pogled na svijet, društvene pojave, probleme i teme od javnog interesa koje su uočili. Ključno je bilo da video-priča predoči novi aspekt, analizira stanje iz nove perspektive, otvori nova pitanja i finalno postavi određenu temu u žižu javnosti.


Poziv za dostavljanje projektnih prijedloga do 13.02.2012.

Poziv za dostavljanje projektnih prijedloga do 13.02.2012.

In fondacija, fondacija za unapređenje socijalne inkluzije djece i mladih u BiH uz finansijsku podršku Kinderpostzegels, Netherlands (KPZ) otvara poziv za lokalne nevladine organizacije kojima su primarni korisnici djeca i mladi uzrasta do 21 godine.

In fondacija podržava inovativne projektne prijedloge koji uključuju vlastito učešće ili podršku lokalne zajednice i koji u svoje aktivnosti uključuju volontere. Jedna od komponenti projekta bi trebala biti i aktivnost zagovaranja za promjene u zajednici, kao i promocija aktivne participacije korisničke grupe.

Pozivamo sve zainteresovane organizacije da pošalju svoje prijedloge projekata, a projektnu dokumentaciju mogu preuzeti s naše web stranice. Popunjene prijave dostavite na našu adresu: In fondacija, P.P. 45, 78102 Banja Luka, najkasnije do ponedjeljka, 13.02.2012. do 12.00 sati.

Napomena: prijave slati samo običnom poštom, što isključuje brzu dostavu.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation seeks grants proposals to transform health and agricultural development in the world’s poorest countries / deadline 17 nov 2011/

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is seeking proposals for Round 8 of its Grand Challenges Explorations. The initiative is the part of a $100 million in grants aimed at encouraging innovation in the fields of global health and development research.

The initiative invites scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs from around the world to submit proposals for the opportunity to win $100,000 in grant and pursue their unconventional ideas aimed at transforming health and agricultural development in the world’s poorest countries.

Topics of Grand Challenges Explorations Round 8

  • Protect Crop Plants from Biotic Stresses From Field to Market
  • Explore Nutrition for Healthy Growth of Infants and Children
  • Apply Synthetic Biology to Global Health Challenges
  • Design New Approaches to Optimize Immunization Systems
  • Explore New Solutions in Global Health Priority Areas


Grand Challenges Explorations seeks to involve innovators around the world, including researchers who do not typically work in global health and development; those with innovative ideas in Africa, Asia and other parts of the developing world; people working in the private sector; and young investigators.

Selection Criteria and Grants

The initiative uses a streamlined, straightforward, online grant-making process.  The proposal process makes it easy to apply.  Applications are two pages, and preliminary data about the proposed research are not required.

Grand Challenges Explorations is a unique initiative that supports innovative research of unorthodox ideas. Every aspect of the program, including the carefully designed topics describing critical scientific barriers to progress in global health, the two-page online application, and the rapid review process, are designed to swiftly award funding to scientists who are testing unproven ideas that could lead to breakthroughs in global health.

The Gates Foundation and an independent group of reviewers will select the most innovative proposals, and grants will be awarded within approximately four months from the proposal submission deadline. Initial grants will be $100,000 USD each. Projects showing success will have the opportunity to receive additional funding up to $1 million over two years.

Last date for submission of proposals is November 17, 2011. For more information, visit this link.

“Balkans, let´s get up!”



After the first succesful edition of the programme “Balkans, let´s get up!” in 2010 we are keen on calling for Applications for the second edition of the project in 2011.

Below you can find the detailed description of “Balkans, let´s get up!” and the modality for application.

For further information please visit our Website: or contact:

With best wishes
Your Balkans, let´s get up! team

NED Grants Program & Guidance to write Proposals NED Grants Program for the Promotion of Human Rights and Democracy



The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) provides direct grants to NGOs working around the world in the field of human rights, an independent media, the rule of law and for the advancement of democratic goals.

Activist organizations in diverse situations, such as transitional countries where the goal is democratic consolidation, authoritarian countries where the goals are liberalization, and the protection of human rights are encouraged to apply for financial support.

The decisions to provide funding to applicant NGOs are made on quarterly basis by the NED Board of Directors. In addition to evaluating how a program fits within the Endowment’s overall priorities, the Board considers factors such as the urgency of a program, its relevance to specific needs and conditions in a particular country, and the democratic commitment and experience of the applicant. The Endowment is especially interested in proposals that originate with local democratic groups. It is also interested in nonpartisan programs seeking to strengthen democratic values.

The next meeting of the NED Board of Directors for which NED is accepting proposals will be in June and all grant applications should be submitted by 8 April 2011 to be considered for approval at the June Board Meeting. For more information visit this link.

Strengthening Independent Media (SIM) in Bosnia-Herzegovina


USAID’s new media program in BiH is a five-year, $5.7 million project implemented by Internews Network. Officially launched in December 2010, the project strengthens the media environment in Bosnia-Herzegovina by supporting regulatory and self-regulation institutions, improving media legislation, safety and independence of professional journalists, as well as the quality and growth of on-line media and new media technologies and innovation. The project helps media organizations through targeted activities; training and mentoring of young journalists; and internships for students. A $1million small grants program will support investigative reporting, innovative new media ideas; advocacy and outreach; travel/study projects; and fellowships.

SIM Project Description FEB2011.pdf

SIM Investigative Journalism Grant Criteria _FEB2011.pdf

SIM New Media Grant Criteria_FEB2011.pdf


Overall Program Objectives: Promote national cohesion and inter-ethnic trust;
* Create a more supportive environment for the work of journalists throughout BiH;
* Provide reliable information to BiH citizens through both traditional and alternative sources of information; and
* Strengthen the ability of people to hold the government accountable.
Project Components:
1. Improve state regulatory bodies and self-regulation of traditional media;
2. Strengthen media industry associations;
3. Support the quality and growth of new media outlets and sources; and
4. Build the quality of investigative reporting.

Project Activities:
To improve the state regulatory bodies and self-regulation of traditional media Internews, in partnership with University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Global Communications, will work closely with the Communications Regulatory Agency (CRA) and Press Council on their capacity, operations, and outreach, to gain effective support and cooperation with stakeholders, media outlets, and the public. SIM will provide technical assistance, hold workshops, seminars, roundtables, summit meetings, as well as administer targeted grants to support these bodies.
The SIM project will also provide support to the CRA for a digitalization plan as part of the BiH EU accession process, through an assessment, study tours to a neighboring country which has undergone digital transition, webinars between EU experts and regulators and Bosnian counterparts, consultations, and targeted grants to support outreach.

The project will enhance media law expertise at universities, associations, and media outlets by developing a media law curriculum and providing opportunities for undergraduate and post-graduate law students to participate in the Monroe E. Price International Media Law Moot Court Competition, as well the annual Annenberg-Oxford Summer Institute in comparative media law and policy. Support will also be provided to BiH media lawyers to examine relevant media legislation.
SIM will strengthen media industry associations by working with them on their advocacy capacities as well as supporting them to improve self-regulation, independence and their ability to protect journalists, through consultations, mentoring, workshops on professional standards and ethics, and study tours.
To support the quality and growth of online media outlets and sources, Internews will provide technical assistance to innovative online projects and administer a small grants fund for eligible media outlets. In addition, Internews will support Mediacentar Sarajevo (MCS) to expand its web portal as an online resource for journalists and media, providing commentary, analysis, examples of good investigative reports, tip-sheets, articles, and educational materials. The SIM project will also establish formal partnerships with BiH universities and provide journalism students with internship program opportunities that will include training in new media tools and multi-media platforms at MCS and placement at leading news web portals around the country.
SIM will support investigative reporting projects through a small grants program in which grantees will receive mentoring and customized support from MCS experts, as well as access to the “Infobiro” resource database.

In partnership with Central European University, Internews will develop a civic media fellowship program aimed at producing a compelling project intended to raise the level of public policy discourse in BiH. With Transitions Online, Internews will organize several social media innovation camps, and with National Geographic – a photojournalism camp for young people from across Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Contact Information

Hamdije Kreševljakovića 50, Sarajevo 71000 BiH, office tel: +387 (0) 33-263-710

Sue Folger, Chief of Party:

Amer Dzihana, Director for Research and Advocacy:

Aldin Arnautovic, Broadcast/Convergent Media Expert:

Vanja Ibrahimbegovic-Tihak, Institutional Development Expert:

Mehmed Halilovic, Media Law Advisor:

Amela Haveric-Imamovic, Financial/Grant Manager:

Stefanie Jaram, Office Administrator/Cashier:



Jedan od najvaznijih elemenata pripreme dobrog projekta je priprema

projektnog budzeta. Polaznici radionice ce kroz praktican rad i primjere

uspjesnih projekata nauciti pripremiti kvalitetan budzet projekta.

Radionica ce se odrzati po sljedecem rasporedu:

Sarajevo: 22. i 23.02.2011.

Banja Luka:9. i10.03. 2011.

Ciljna publika:
– Javne ustanove, drzavne, entitetske, opcinske i gradske uprave;
– Visokoskolske ustanove;
– Istrazivacke organizacije;
– Velika, srednja i mala preduzeca;
– Nevladine organizacije, asocijacije, fondacije, udruzenja gradjana;
– Pojedinci zainteresirani za znanja i mogucnosti koje pruzaju nepovratna sredstva EU.

Predavaci naradionici suprakticari sa visegodisnjim iskustvom u radu na

projektima EU i projektnim aplikacijama,savjetniciu vodecoj firmi u regiju na

podrucju dobivanja i koristenja nepovratnih sredstava Evropske unije RR & CO.

Ltd. Knowledge Centre iz Ljubljane.

Svi polaznici na krajuradionice dobit ce certfikat od firme “RR&Co. Ltd. Knowledge Centre” iz Ljubljane.
Za program, prijavui dodatne informacije,javite se na ispod naznacene kontakte

Srdacan pozdrav

Josipa Terzic
Aprioriorganizacije BiH
koordinatorica projekta
tel: +387 63 408 597
fax: +387 36 343 440

Poziv za predaju projektnih prijedloga u okviru Evropskog instrumenta za razvoj demokratije i ljudskih prava (EIDHR)

Zadovoljstvo nam je obavijestiti vas da će Delegacija Evropske unije u BiH održati radionice na kojima će prezentirati novi Poziv za predaju projektnih prijedloga u okviru Evropskog instrumenta za razvoj demokratije i ljudskih prava (EIDHR) 2010 koji je objavljen 23. decembra 2010. godine na zvaničnoj web stranici Delegacije Evropske unije u BiH

Radionice će se održati u cilju upoznavanja potencijalnih podnositelja projektnih prijedloga sa uslovima i zahtjevima novog Poziva za predaju projektnih prijedloga te pojedinostima iz pozivne dokumentacije. Radionice su ujedno i prilika da organizacije civilnog društva koje su zainteresovane za pomenuti Poziv, od službenika Delegacije Evropske unije u BiH zatraže detaljnija objašnjenja u vezi sa svim stavkama pomenutog Poziva za predaju projektnih prijedloga.

Visina raspoloživih sredstava za ovaj Poziv iznosi 1.2 miliona eura.

Radionice će se održati u Sarajevu i Banja Luci:

SARAJEVO – 2. februara 2011. godine u 11.00 Delegacija Evropske unije u BiH, Skenderija 3a, konferencijska sala

Prezentatori: Vladimir Pandurević i Gordana Šuvalija

BANJA LUKA – 3. februara 2011. godine u 12.00 časova – Zgrada gradske administracije Banja Luka, Trg srpskih vladara 1, sala u prizemlju

Prezentatori: Vladimir Pandurević

Molimo da prisustvo predstavnika jedne organizacije bude ograničeno na dvije (2) osobe.

Napominjemo da je iz logističkih razloga potvrda učešća na radionici obavezna, a možete nas kontaktirati putem telefona 033/254-764, putem faksa 033/204-794 ili putem elektronske pošte na najkasnije do 31. januara 2011. godine. Kontakt osoba je Edita Kabašaj Redžepagić.

Prevod je uradila Mreza za izgradnju mira

EIDHR Vodic 2010, prevod Mreza za izgradnju mira.pdf

EIDHR Aplikaciona forma 2010, prevod Mreza za izgradnju mira.pdf

Grant: biblioteka za osobe sa invaliditetom

Projekat biblioteke za osobe sa invaliditetom (The Global Disability Rights Library Project) objavljuje poziv za organizacije da se prijave za primanje besplatne digitalne biblioteke za osobe sa invaliditetom. Prijave su otvorene za organizacije, univerzitete, i agencije osobe s invaliditetom u zemljama u razvoju. Šezdeset organizacija će dobiti digitalne biblioteke koje ce ih osnažiti kako bi širili vrijednosti i znanja o pravima osoba sa invaliditetom u svojim zajednicama.

Cilj GDRL projekta je poboljšati život osoba s invaliditetom u zemljama u razvoju. Projekt koristi inovativnu off-line digitalnu tehnologiju za pohranu kako bi dostavio digitalne resurse ljudima izvan dosega interneta. Elektronska biblioteka će biti pohranjena na hard disku, pod nazivom “eGranary unit” koja također sadrži sučelje koje imitira izgled i funkcioniranje weba, ali bez potrebe za stvarnom internet povezanoscu. Korisnici će biti osobe s invaliditetom u organizacijama (organizacijama osoba s invaliditetom), donositelji odluka, vladine agencije, individualni zagovaraci, i drugi koji ne mogu lako skinuti podatke s weba. Pročitajte više o GDRL projektu:

GDRL je saradnicki napor izmedju U.S. International Council on Disabilities projekta WiderNet Univerziteta i Ajoci (Iowa) uz podrsku USAID-a, u cilju sirenja najboljih informacija o pravima osoba sa invaliditetom i Konvencije o pravima osoba sa invaliditetom u zemljama u razvoju.

Idealan kandidat za dobijanje podrske će imati pokazanu predanost promicanju i olakšavanju prava invalidnosti. Uspješni kandidati će imati organizacijsku sposobnost da postane centar za distribuciju informacije o pravima osoba sa invaliditetom, te će uključivati različite zajednice osoba sa invaliditetom. Zainteresirane organizacije se pozivaju da pogledaju punu aplikaciju i kriterije postavljene na WiderNet web stranici:

Aplikacije se podnose u nekoliko krugova. Aplikanti koji nisu odabrani u ranijem odabiru ce automatski biti prebaceni u drugi krug odlucivanja. Ohrabrujemo kandidate da apliciraju ranije.

*Molimo vas da ne cekate do konacnog roka.*

Aplicirajte do 1. marta/ozujka 2011, kako bi usli u razmatranje za 30. juni/lipanj 2011.

Aplicirajte do 1. septembra/rujna 2011, kako bi usli u razmatranje za 31. decembar/prosinac 2011.

Aplicirajte do 1. maja/svibnja 2012, kako bi usli u razmatranje za 31. avgust/kolovoz 2012.

Pitanja i procesu apliciranja i kriterijima kvalificiranosti treba uputiti na mail Aplikanti koji ne koriste email mogu pisati na adresu:

Andrea Shettle, MSW, MA
Program Manager, Global Disability Rights Library
United States International Council on Disabilities (USICD)
1012-14th Street, NW, Suite 105
Washington, DC 20005
United States of America

Kontakt osoba: Andrea Shettle, Program Manager: Global Disability Rights Library
Telefon: (877) 535-0506



Banjaluka, 20. septembar 2010. godine



OKC Banjaluka, mRESURS (Mreža savjeta učenika Republike Srpske),mreVUK (Mreže vijeća učenika u kantonima) i Mreža savjeta/vijeća učenika u Bosni i Hercegovini pozivaju SVE SREDNJOŠKOLCE da učestvuju na konkursu za izbor najboljeg literarnog rada na temu ’’Šta očekujem od nove vlade?’’. Na konkursu mogu učestvovati svi srednjoškolci u Bosni i Hercegovini.

Potrebno je da napišete rad na temu ’’Šta očekujem od nove vlade?’’. Rad treba da bude odštampan na kompjuteru ili pisaćoj mašini te dostavljen putem elektronske pošte na adresu okcbl@okcbl.orgili na adresu : OKC, Kralja Petra I Karađorđevića 113-115, 78 000 Banjaluka, najkasnije do 31. oktobra 2010. godine.

Uz rad je potrebno dostaviti lične podatke srednjoškolca koji se prijavljuje na konkurs i to ime i prezime, adresa stanovanja, naziv škole, razred koji pohađa i jedinstveni matični broj. Svi pristigli radovi biće objavljeni na internet portalima mreža savjeta/vijeća učenika u BiH i to i .

Predstavnici OKC-a, mRESURS-a i mreVUK-a iz 7 kantona oformiće komisiju koja će izabrati najbolje radove koji će biti nagrađeni jednokratnim novčanim stipendijama u iznosu od:

1.150 KM za osvojeno prvo mjesto;

2.100 KM za osvojeno drugo mjesto;

3.50 KM za osvojeno treće mjesto.

Nagrađeni radovi (ili njihovi dijelovi) biće publikovani u promotivnom materijalu koji će biti distribuiran u svim srednjim školama u Bosni i Hercegovini. Za sve dodatne informacije možete se obratiti na telefon 051 347 431 svakim radnim danom od 9 do 16 časova (kontakt osobe: Irena Đumić Jurić-Marijanović i Vera Kelava). Razmislite u kakvom društvu živite, koje probleme imate vi i vaši vršnjaci, šta biste željeli da se promijeni, na koji način će vam ta promjena pomoći… Iskoristite svu svoju kreativnost. Znamo da je imate na pretek.

Želimo vam uspješan rad. Vaš OKC, mreVUK, mRESURS i Mreža savjeta/vijeća učenika u BiH.