Grant za najbolji mobilni internet startup

Deadline: 7 November 2014
Open to: web entrepreneurs and small/medium enterprises from eligible countries
Grant: up to 100,000 euros

Future Internet Public Private Partnership aims to accelerate the development and adoption of Future Internet technologies in Europe, advance the European market for smart infrastructures, and increase the effectiveness of business processes through the Internet.The types of projects that IMPACT will fund are:

  • Start-up stage:Projects with a working prototype available, valued less than a million Euros and at least two founders who work full time for the project and with a target market launch date that is set in six months away, after the submission deadline of the call;
  • Growth phase:Companies already present in the market for less than seven years with turnover below two million euros, where the founders still own 51% of Shareholders Equity and provide indicators proving an exponential growth potential. The objective is its globalization or the consolidation of a change of business focus.


The call is opened for:

  • SMEs (legal persons) participating on their own – A SMEs person will be considered if they are: Headcount in a Annual Work Unit less than 250 and annual turnover is less than 50 million euros
  • Web entrepreneurs participation in a group of minimum of two individuals

List of eligible countries: Austria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Faroe Islands, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Israel, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, and United Kingdom


The beneficiaries will receive the 100.000€ in cash in three stages:

  • 1st Stage (Month 0): 25%, once the’IMPACT sub-grant Agreement’has been signed and the deliverables indicated submitted and validated.
  • 2nd Stage (Month 3): 50% once the criteria for this second stage have been completed and the deliverables submitted and validated.
  • 3rd Stage (Month 6): 25% delivered in 2 batches. First batch of 10% at the end of the acceleration program, if all the objectives have been gotten, and the remaining 15% will be approved but the payment will be done when the IMPACT consortia will receive the last payment from the European Commission.


You can submit your project proposal on the online platform where you need to register and create an account.Proposals need to be submited in a single stage that need to include:

  1. General Information;
  2. Project Proposal:Market opportunity; Technology; Competition/Differentation; Commercial strategy and Scalability; Financials and Metrics; Team;
  3. Attached Documents: Technology map; Business plan;
  4. Honor declaration on exclusion criteria and absence of conflict of interested.

For more information please check the official call and see the FaQ section

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Whitley Fond za zastitu prirodne okoline

Income Country from the World Bank
Grant:35.000 GBR


The Whitley Awards aim to champion passionate conservation leaders and effective communicators – individuals who inspire and who are supported by a committed team.Whitley Awards recognise the leadership qualities ofindividualsworking with effective teams with strong nature conservation experience. They are looking for people who are excellent ambassadors for the work that they do. Effective conservation is the result of teamwork but applications must specify a distinct leader of the team who would be the recipient of the Whitley Award, if successful.


Whitley Awards winners arenationalsof the countries where their conservation activities are focused (i.e. they were born there or have lived there a long time and have achieved national status) or are local to the region in which they work.The strategic focus of the Whitley Awards is national conservation leadership in countries that arenot defined as a High Income Economy by the World Bank.Applicants must be able tocommunicate in English, and be capable of compiling a written report to describe and quantify the success of their work with appropriate academic references.


The program will award grants for projects in excess of 35.000 GBR. WFN will award projects that are focused onnature conservation. Threatened habitat conservation; projects utilising flagship species as a focal point for mobilising local communities; biodiversity conservation and linked livelihood development projects which reduce pressure on wild resources or utilise wild resources sustainably; human-wildlife conflict resolution; in-situ conservation of endangered species – all would be projects we are interested in. In main projects who havean ecosystem approach, and have a long-term benefitswill be given the cash award.


Interested applicants should download the application form and send to the Award manager on this email:

Before you start your application please download theapplication guidelines, to guide and help you through your application.

The official webpage

Otvoreni filmski konkursi za „Green fest 2014″

Svi autori kratkih i amaterskih filmova na temu životne sredine, sve do 26. septembra 2014, mogu prijaviti svoje radove za prikazivanje na petom Međunarodnom festivalu zelene kulture “GREEN FEST”. Festival se ove godine održava pod sloganom “Pametni gradovi”, od 29. do 31. oktobra, saopšteno je iz Centra za unapređenje životne sredine koji organizuje Festival u saradnji sa Domom omladine Beograda, i uz pomoć Grada Beograda Sekretarijata za zaštitu životne sredine i kompanije Lenovo.

„Zadovoljni smo što i ove godine možemo da podržimo Green Fest. Organizatori festivala u potpunosti prate multidisciplinarni pristup ekologiji, kao i stav našeg sekretarijata o važnosti podizanja svesti u oblasti zaštite životne sredine. Ovogodišnja tema festivala „Pametni gradovi“ je vrlo aktuelna s obzirom da danas čak pedeset posto svetske populacije živi u gradovima, sa tendencijom da se u skoroj budućnosti  broj stanovnika u gradovima udvostruči. Samim tim, moramo uložiti velike napore da se gradovi transformišu u inteligentnije i efikasnije urbanističke celine koje će svojim stanovnicima omogućiti udobniji život, ali sa posebnim akcentom na održivi razvoj i očuvanje životne sredine“ izjavio je Goran Trivan, sekretar Sekretarijata za zaštitu životne sredine Grada Beograda

Na konkurs za amaterski film se mogu prijaviti radovi samo ako su snimljeni, u potpunosti, amaterskom tehnikom: snimci napravljeni mobilnim telefonom, foto-aparatom i  amaterskom video kamerom. U okviru ove kategorije biće dodeljene nagrade u tri starosne kategorije: do 18, od 18 do 27, i preko 27 godina, kao i specijalna nagrada Grada Beograda – Sekretarijata za zaštitu životne sredine.  Program kratkog filma je namenjen svim profesionalcima iz oblasti kinematografije koji se bave temama prirode, životne sredine i ekologije. Nagrade će biti dodeljene za dva najbolja kratka filma. Nagrade za pobednike, u okviru obe kategorije, je obezbedila kompanija Lenovo.

Spisak filmova koji su ušli u selekciju za neku od vrednih nagrada festivala biće objavljen 15. oktobra na zvaničnoj internet stranici Festivala ( gde se nalazi i kompletna konkursna dokumentacija,

Međunarodni festival zelene kulture „GREEN FEST“ je najveća „zelena“ manifestacija u regionu jugoistočne Evrope koja se održava svake godine. Tokom prethodne četiri godine, na konkurse za kratke i amaterske filmove je stiglo više od 370 filmova sa svih kontinenata, održano preko 80 radionica za učenike osnovnih i srednjih škola i studente, predstavljeno preko 60 izlagača i umetnika, sa ukupnom posetom od preko 25 000 građana.

Open Source Web Development

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Here are five open alternatives to Office 2013

Between Microsoft’s October launch of Windows 8 and Tuesday’s rollout of Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365, there’s no denying that it’s been a decision-filled few months for PC users.

It seems safe to say that Windows 8 has not been received as enthusiastically as Microsoft might have liked, but Office is of course a whole different ballgame, as they say.

With numerous components and pricing plans, this cross-platform entry is surely Redmond’s broadest-reaching office product to date.

Time will tell how well it does, but meanwhile there are plenty of alternatives for those who remain unconvinced. Here’s a small sampling of what’s available from the world of free and open source software.

1. LibreOffice

Certainly the leading office productivity suite on the open source side is LibreOffice. In the two or so years since it was forked from OpenOffice, it’s become the suite most commonly included by the top Linux distributions. With six feature-rich applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and more, the software had already been downloaded some 20 million times by last fall. It’s available as a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

2. Apache OpenOffice

Then, too, there’s Apache OpenOffice, now under the purview of the Apache Software Foundation. OpenOffice is what LibreOffice is based on, so the two share many similarities; development work seems to be progressing more quickly on the latter, however. Not to be confused with the German variation now known as White Label Office, this suite is available as a free download at the project site.

3. Calligra Suite

Stepping a bit closer to Microsoft’s new suite in terms of cross-platform compatibility is Calligra Suite, a graphics and office suite created by the KDE project from KOffice in 2010. With versions for desktop PCs, tablets, and smartphones, this package includes eight components spanning word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, vector graphics, and more. It can be downloaded for free for Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, and Windows.

4. OxygenOffice Professional

OxygenOffice Professional, meanwhile, is an enhanced version of OpenOffice that comes with extra goodies including templates, clip art, samples, fonts, and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) support. Now in version 3.2.1, this free software can be downloaded for 32-bit Windows as well as 32- and 64-bit Linux.

5. Feng Office Community Edition

Finally, there’s Feng Office Community Edition, a free and open source online project management and collaboration tool formerly known as OpenGoo that offers task management, document management, project management, time tracking, knowledge management, and more. Users of the software can create and edit text documents and presentations online; they can also upload, organize, and share files. The free software can be downloaded online; paid professional versions are also available starting at $59 per month.

ROCK Fest na Uni 2012

Festival se održava u Novom Gradu na sjeverozapadu BiH. Iako se održavao i ranije u nekoliko navrata i pod drugim nazivima, ovaj put uz izmjenjen karakter želimo konačno da ga postavimo na stabilne noge (opet uz skroman početak), ovaj put uz pomoć Omladinske Banke Novi Grad koja je dala pola sredstava i MONO-a. Potrebno je da se mladima u Novom Gradu i šire pruži nešto drugačije i autentično.
Za mjesto održavanja odabran je stadion Mlakve u Novom Gradu, tačnije parking stadiona. Udaljen od centra grada oko

1,5 km ili 15ak min. hoda. Smješten je uz samu rijeku Unu (jedna od najljepših i najčistijih u BiH) gdje se mogu naći odlična mjesta za kamp, roštilj i kupanje (naravno sve je stvar vašeg izbora). Svakako će te se naći u dobrom društvu sa hladnim pivom i dobrom MUZIKOM.
Potreba za promocijom AUTORSKIH, (neafirmisanih), ALTERNATIVNIH muzičkih bendova iz grada predstavlja inicijalnu ideju u organizovanju ROCK festa NA UNI.
To je ujedno i želja da se kroz muzički izražaj prenese jasna i glasna poruka društvu i okruženju u kojem žive, da su mladi ljudi svjesni svoje pozicije i da im se omogući da daju svoj doprinos kulturi čiji su dio.

Nagrađeni video sa konkursa (Under)represented

Konkursom su se tražile nove i originalne teme u kojima kandidati predstavljaju svoj pogled na svijet, društvene pojave, probleme i teme od javnog interesa koje su uočili. Ključno je bilo da video-priča predoči novi aspekt, analizira stanje iz nove perspektive, otvori nova pitanja i finalno postavi određenu temu u žižu javnosti.